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The "Education Cooperative" is aimed at those teachers and others willing to share their resources: their favourite links, assignments, and lessons. By "standing on the shoulders" of others, we all benefit. Each page is a mediated collection of resources. Experienced teachers have assembled collection that might both benefit themselves and others.

The 'cooperative' is open to all educators. Please share in the creation of a great community of teachers and support staff. (Wikispaces, unlike some wikis, requires you to join in order to post new pages or edit pages. Please join and contribute to our cooperative.)

Some models of resource pages have been posted under the navigation links. Nevertheless, there can be no one common way to collect and share resources. If, for example, the page titled "Inventions - the wheel" isn't the way you would do things, then create a new page and call it "Inventions - the wheel2" or "3" or "4". Use, or don't use, material from the original page to serve your needs. Please don't take down a page because you wouldn't do things that way. Instead, let others see how you would do something and then let them build upon your ideas. If, however, you find dead links or have created a new page that should be added to an existing collection, then update the original page. More is better. Let others decide how to use the mediated page you have created.

This cooperative approach will be strengthened by two actions: your participation and your insistence on high ethical standards. Participate and make your work available to others by using open source documents such as Word to contribute assignments, tasks, and lessons. When you've used information or ideas from someone else...credit them. It sets both a high internal standard and a standard from which we can challenge the plagiarism so commonly found in many walks of life and elements of education.

The cooperative approach is, of course, optimistic. But, then, so is the profession of teaching.

One small don't. Please do not directly link a school or class page back to the Education Cooperative wiki. The space donated for hosting edublogs is free and every link made to it requires bandwidth. Bandwidth costs money. At the same time, do acknowledge the sources of the resources you are using. This will allow you to set the highest possible ethical standard and expect the same from others.

The Future

You can see from the top of this page that the Education Cooperative should be accessible in a number of languages. Feel free to post pages in the language of your choice.

Peer review of pages. It should be possible to create a structure that allows the peer review of pages. If you have ideas about how to create a peer review process, then post them along to me: Stew Savard[[http://cooperative.edublogs.org/|]].

A Conversation

One excellent way to learn and grow is to engage in a conversation with someone you respect. The debate we often see in the media seems designed to score points and not allow for the give and take inherent in a conversation. Participate in the blog, or email a page creator, if they have left a link. Let's talk.
Stew Savard (January 2008)